About Attraction Rockstar

about-us-bio-pic-0Attraction Rockstar was co-founded by Race dePriest to help men worldwide meet and date the women of their dreams.

Who is Race de Priest you ask?

He is a world renowned Dating and Relationship Consultant. That is just a fancy way of saying he helps guys meet and date the women they desire. He has worked alongside Master NLP Coaches, Top Performance Coaches and Social Psychologists. All this experience helps him root out limiting beliefs, setup powerful habits, and teach men to easily make friends wherever they go.

He has authored several popular books and hundreds of articles, appeared on multiple radio show segments, including Covino and Rich and Maxim Radio, recently filmed a TV pilot about meeting and dating women in New York City, been made fun of on Saturday Night Live, appeared in multiple Match.com commercials and worked in close conjunction with the President of the Bahamas.

Race on Maxim Sirius Radio

But the most impressive thing about Race… he is a genuine, normal friendly guy. The kind you could grab a beer with and easily talk to for hours. He loves to help guys move past their insecurities and start living the life they desire. To allow them to be able to walk into a room with confidence and easily start up a conversation with anyone and make them their friend… to be able to see a beautiful woman and approach her without hesitation and know exactly what to say to attract her.

He wasn’t always this way. He used to be the shy, awkward guy who didn’t know what to say when meeting new peopleā€¦ a guy who was terrified around beautiful women. After years of missing out and feeling alone he made a promise to himself that he would do whatever it takes to change this part of his life. He spent years and over a hundred thousand dollars to learn all these secrets, strategies, mindsets and techniques. Now he wants to share all of them with other men, so they can have his skill set without having to spend a decade of their life and all that cash.

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